Jeff Beberman, or Beebs, is a creative director, artist and maker.

Throughout his career, Jeff has art directed, designed and written for some of the world's top challenger brands, including Apple, Beats by Dre, and Google, amongst others. Projects include films, printed materials, and digital applications all in service of creating a unique and famous brand story, demonstrating why brands matter in culture.

Beebs also splits time developing personal art projects, including collage and poster making, designing and painting wood blocks and other flat projects currently in development. 

He's got a simple approach to work: make people feel something. If it's going to be fun, make it a ride. If it's going to be emotional, tug at the heart. And if it's going to be funny, "make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh." That, start with an idea that's true, and execute the shit out of it. ;)  Sorry for the emoji. 


Born and raised in Queens, NYC, Beebs now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is available for work wherever the internet can take him. You know where that is. 

e: jbeberman@gmail.com
c: 310.910.5399